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Texas Air Salvage proudly serves the aviation industry by supplying a community of general aviation pilots, aircraft maintenance facilities and aircraft mechanics with a huge online selection of quality used aircraft parts, aircraft salvage, used aircraft engines, used avionics, project aircraft and complete flying airplanes.

Whether you're searching for hard to find Cessna parts, Piper parts, Beechcraft parts, Mooney parts or experimental aircraft parts or just shopping for the best price then you've come to the right place.

Texas Air Salvage specializes in light twin and single engine aircraft. We stock thousands of used aircraft parts, used aircraft engines and engine parts, used avionics, instruments, airframe parts, wings, tires, interior parts, propellers and prop parts.

Our inventory consist of used aircraft parts and avionics from manufactures like Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney, Lycoming, TCM Continental, Garmin, King, Narco, S-TEC, RC Allen, ARC, United Instruments and many more.

PN:  066-1088-00 ItemID: 32917
King - KN-64 DME (14/28 Volts )w/tray and couplers $1,195.00

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Category: Avionics > DMEs     From a: 1969 Cessna T210J   
PN:  066-1088-00   Alt_PN: KN64 ItemID: 16548
King - KN-64 DME


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Category: Avionics > DMEs     From a: 1978 Beechcraft C23   
PN:  066-1088-00 ItemID: 17291
King - KN-64 DME

Comes with bracket and wires.

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Category: Avionics > DMEs     From a: 1985 Piper PA28-161   
PN:  066-3003-00   Alt_PN: KDI570 ItemID: 26198
King - KDI-570 DME Indicator

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Category: Avionics > DMEs     From a: 1975 Beechcraft Duke B-60   
PN:  066-1088-00 ItemID: 22783
King - KN-64 DME (14/28 Volts )w/tray and couplers $1,195.00

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Category: Avionics > DMEs     From a: 1975 Cessna 340   
PN:  066-1064-00   Alt_PN: KN 62 ItemID: 27039
King - KN 62 DME


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Category: Avionics > DMEs     From a: 1976 Beechcraft C23 Sundowner   
PN:  066-1088-00 ItemID: 23151
King - KN-64 DME (14/28 Volts ) $1,195.00

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Category: Avionics > DMEs     From a: 1979 Piper PA28-181 Archer    
PN:  DME890   Alt_PN: DME-890 ItemID: 12171
Narco - TRAY ONLY - DME-890 DME 14 or 28 volts

DME 890 03314-0300

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Category: Avionics > DMEs     From a: 1959 Cessna 310C   

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