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Engines Texas Air Salvage offers used Lycoming engines, used Continental engines, used Franklin engines, used Pratt & Whitney engines and used Rotax engines for both general aviation aircraft (Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft,& Mooney) and experimental - homebuilt aircraft. Our Used Aircraft Engines are listed in the display ads on the right and contain PHOTOGRAPS and a download link to the LOG BOOKS. For a quick overview we list our used aircraft engines with all the useful and pertinent information that you might need like, TTE, TSMO, last overhaul date, last date annual/100hr inspection, last compression readings, crank flange runnout readings, available accessories and special notes containing information about the aircraft the used aircraft engine was removed from. Accessories Our used Lycoming engines, used Continental engines, used Franklin engines, used Pratt & Whitney engines and used Rotax engines normally ship with the Engine mounted fuel system, magnetos and harness, starter, alternator/generator, (starter ring gear & support - Lycoming), oil screen or oil filter housing unless otherwise noted in the display ad. Please note that the exhaust system and air box are normally removed from the engines and sold separately. Applications While many of our used aircraft engines return to service within the general aviation fleet (Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, & Mooney ), our used aircraft engines also make a fine candidate for the experimental - homebuilt aircraft market. We commonly supply used aircraft engines for Van's RV's, Lancairs, Glasairs, VELOCITYS, GLASTARS, and many other popular experimental - homebuilt aircraft.

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