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Continental O-300-A Engine w/Accessories TSMO=598.1 NO PROP STRIKE (See Details)

Continental A65? engine w/Accessories CORE TSMO=Unknown

Continental O-200A Engine w/Accessories TSMO= 1124.18 NO PROP STRIKE (Repairable - See details)

Lycoming O-320-E2D Engine w/Accessories TSMO= 2025.3 CORE (Bent Crank) Prop Strike


Lycoming O-320-E2D Engine w/Accessories TSMO= 96.7 (Prop Strike)

McCauley Propeller-No Prop Strike TSPOH 509.0

McCauley 2A34C50-A Propeller TSMO 590.65

Lycoming IO-360-C1C Engine w/Accessories TSMO= 2066.31 CORE

Continental IO-470-V0 (9B) Engine w/Accessories TSMO=597.7

Continental IO-470D Engine w/Accessories TSMO=1175.5 (NO PROP STRIKE)

Lycoming O-360-A2G Engine w/Accessories TSMO= 1629.14 CORE

Lycoming TIGO-541-E1A Engine w/Accessories TSMO=668.2 NO PROP STRIKE

Lycoming TIGO-541-E1A Engine w/Accessories TSMO=261.2 NO PROP STRIKE

Lycoming IO-360-A2B Engine w/Accessories TSMO=667.8 NO PROP STRIKE

Lycoming IO-540-C4B5 Engine w/Accessories as photographed TSMO=557.6 (Prop Strike)

Lycoming IO-360-A1A Engine w/Accessories TSMO=1134.5 NO PROP STRIKE (See details)

Continental IO-520-C3B Engine w/Accessories TSMO=2198.5 TSTO=451.5 (VAR CRANK)

Continental IO-470-V0 Engine w/Accessories TSMO=189 (Prop Strike)

Continental IO-470-V0 Engine w/Accessories TSMO=189 (Prop Strike)

Continental TIO-540-C1A Engine with accessories TSMO= 1077.7 (Prop Strike)

Continental TIO-540-C1A Engine with accessories TSMO= 1077.7 (Prop Strike)

Lycoming LO-360-A1G6D Engine with accessories TSMO=702.72 PROP STRIKE

Continental TSIO-520-ECB Engine w/Accessories TSMO=93.7

Continental-TSIO-520-B Engine w/Accessories TSMO=987.9

Continental TSIO-520-EB Engine w/Accessories TSMO=915 NO PROP STIRKE

Continental GTSIO-520-H Engine w/Accessories NO PROP STRIKE NO LOGS

Lycoming O-320-D2B Engine w/Accessories TSMO=590.21 160HP

Lycoming LIO-360-C1E6 Engine with accessories TSMO= 592 NO PROP STRIKE

Continental IO-470V Engine w/Accessories TSMO=371.4 (No Prop Strike)

Continental IO-470V Engine w/Accessories TSMO=371.4 (No Prop Strike)

Garmin GNS-530 (NON WAAS) 14/28 Volt

Garmin GNS-530WAAS IFR GPS/NAV/COMM w/TERRAIN 14/28volts DATA-CARD not included

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